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Hey girl hey!!
I'm Sam

MMkt, award-winning Business + Marketing Strategist, founder of S.A.M.s Business Solutions, world traveler and Disney lover.


If you want to be financially independent and are not scared to put the work into getting there, then you are my person. 

I'm a business strategist who loves helping women hit big goals. 

I've built 4 profitable businesses and I'm obsessed with women become financially free. 

Office with a View

Why Hire a Coach?

Do you feel something’s keeping your company from reaching its full potential? If so, it may be time for business coach. Here are three telltale signs you would benefit from coaching:

You frequently wish you could delegate things to someone, but you’re not sure who.

You think you need to grow your team, but aren’t sure who to add. Another sales rep? A marketing manager? A system support specialist? You constantly feel short-handed, yet can't pinpoint what position is missing. 

Perhaps the answer isn't more staff. Maybe your accounting employee would be more productive in customer service, but no one's up on it yet. 

A business Coach can offer perspective to objectively evaluate your needs. Correct staffing ill not only alleviate the feeling that you can't delegate the way you want to, but it will also cut costs- a well-placed employee is more productive, happy and profitable. 

You regularly think, “If I just had the answer to this question, I’d be more successful.”

No one can be a master of everything. Even if they could, no one has time to do it all. The successful companies aren’t the ones with the most individual brains, management guru , but those that have the most brains acting in concert.

Can you execute a marketing plan without breaking a sweat, but lack the knowledge to draft the plan itself? 

A business coach won't coddle you. They'll dig in and help you recognize so you can shore up skills, outsource tasks, and focus on your best attributes to turn you business into a well-oiled machine. 

You believe your company could do more and be better, but you’re not sure how.

No one builds a business empire alone. No matter how talented or experienced Sir Richard Branson or Meg Whitman are, they needed help creating Virgin Airlines and eBay, respectively. 

Even the smartest business minds can benefit from a business coach. They bring different ideas to the table, offer a different perspective, posses a different skill set and outlook. 

Business coaches have been it all. Learning from the mistakes (and successes) of others through your coach's experience, you can save yourself time, energy and headaches. Thats allows you to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on what really matters. 

“Samantha took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than a month!”

Keyboard and Mouse

My Approach

The one quality that got me where I am today personally and professionally is that I NEVER GIVE UP. I am completely driven. When I set a goal, I will not quit until I get there. My path may take some unexpected twists and turns,  but I always keep my eye on the prize.

When we work together I will never give up on you, either. Whether you are part on my online support community or we work 1 on 1, I will be your partner to reach your goal. I will be working right along side of you and as long as you show up, so will I. 

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